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We are thrilled to welcome Affinity Futures back to BVA Live and their workshops:
Cards Against Inclusivity & Behind "difficult" Employees

With the veterinary profession being strongly encouraged to take an active role in reducing discrimination in the workplace, there's never been a more important time to put allyship into action.

Unfortunately, difficult situations and discrimination are regularly seen in veterinary workplaces, with 15% vets surveyed experiencing and 21% having witnessed discrimination in practice or education (BVA Voice of veterinary profession 2021 survey).

All are welcome to attend the drop in workshops, or simply head to over to Affinity Futures stand to have a chat!


Thursday 6th June: 1030-1130 & 15:40-16:30 & Friday 7th June: 10:00-11:00 & 14:00-15:00

Free Workshop Sessions: Cards Against Inclusivity & Behind "difficult" Employees

Active Allyship training has been delivered at numerous conferences helping to empower people to stand up to discrimination and start the movement for change within their own workplaces. We know that starting conversations around allyship can be hard but they are essential if we are to truly transform this profession.

Cards Against Inclusivity:

Using real life example experiences of discrimination and challenging behaviours, we will examine their impact on individuals and the work environment. Guided by experienced facilitators, participants will gain a deeper understanding of various forms of discrimination, develop strategies for addressing incidents effectively, leading to improved communication, increased team cohesion, and a more supportive and effective work environment.

Behind 'difficult' employees

We will examine the concept of labelling employees as ‘difficult’ when their actions or behaviours become problematic in the workplace. Most people are trying their best but often they are facing unseen or unknown challenges meaning they fall short of what we need. Chronic illness, neurodivergence, mental health difficulties, stress, burnout, and personal challenges can all lead to individuals being labelled ‘difficult’. If we are to create a sustainable workforce, we need to start to examine and understand what might lead people to act and behave the way they do.

Simply join us at our stand
Thursday 1030-1130 & 15:40-16:30pm and Friday, 10:30 - 11:30 

(Affinity Futures in collaboration with BVCIS, BVLGBT+ AND BVEDS)

Only by collaborating and working together can we build a truly inclusive and resilient profession that works for everyone.

Workshops at BVA Live 2023
The team at BVA Live 2023
Workshops at BVA Live

Who are Affinity Futures?


Affinity Futures were born from the amalgamation of affinity groups of traditionally marginalised and underrepresented communities within the veterinary and allied professional sector.
Diversity, equality, and equity are central to everything we do at Affinity Futures. Sadly, veterinary medicine is one of the least diverse and accessible professions in the United Kingdom. It can lead to isolating experiences and impacts negatively on your teams’ productivity, retention and well-being.

We want everyone to commit to fighting against discrimination in the veterinary profession. We work with others to demonstrate with them how this can be achieved successfully, with respect and without judgement.


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British Veterinary Chronic Illness Support
British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society

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