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Lesley Young

Lesley Young

Specialist Consultant, Specialist Equine Cardiology Services
Lesley has worked as a self-employed equine cardiologist for the last 17 years providing referral services to practice across the Uk and Europe. Before leaving the Animal Health Trust in 2005 to focus on clinical cardiology her research efforts had already contributed significantly to the understanding of cardiac murmurs in athletic horses. She was awarded an honorary chair at the Royal Dick School of Vet Studies in 2017, is an RCVS cardiology diploma holder and is a recognised specialist in Cardiology.

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New York Vet

2-4 November 2023

London Vet Show

14-15 November 2024

Chicago Vet

18 - 19 May 2023

Deutsche Vet

7-8 June 2024

Singapore Vet

4-5 October 2024

Wild West Vet

16-19 October 2024