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Liver la vida loca - liver lobectomy and gastropexy

12 May 2023
Wet Labs

This session covers both liver lobectomy and gastroplexy, liver lobe biopsy, partial lobectomy ; Guillotine method versus intra-capsular method and left liver lobectomy with a single ligature. The hands on session will also cover; techniques of gastropexy and incisional gastropexy for GDV.
This session requires additional purchase. If you are interesting in attending please register at
• Recap of the relevant lobe anatomy for cats and dogs
• Liver lobe biopsy
• Partial Lobectomy – Guillotine method versus intra-capsular method
• Left liver lobectomy with a single ligature

• Recap of difference techniques (pros/cons)
• Incisional gastropexy for GDV
• Discussion about applying to skills to other areas (i.e. Colopexy)

  • Demonstrate critical decision making when choosing more appropriate technique.
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy and skills practiced in the wet lab to future cases
Laura Frost - Wood Green Animal Shelters

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